Judo Shiai

A judo scoreboard for iOS.
On your iPhone and iPad.


Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Learn about using Judo Shiai and get more information about the application with these frequently asked questions.

What are the supported devices?

Judo Shiai is a universal application that runs both on iPhone and iPad. The application requires iOS 9 or more.

How to display Judo Shiai on an external Screen?

You can stream the content of your iPhone or iPad screen to any external display (like a TV) by connecting the device to the external display with a cable or using AirPlay. Enable the Dedicated display on external display option in the Settings screen of Judo Shiai to get an optimized display on the external display instead of simply displaying the iPad.

Can you use Judo Shiai for different kinds of competition?

Judo Shiai makes it possible to configure many settings in order to obtain a scoreboard adapted to the different types of competitions: men, women, juniors or team competitions. To learn more about the configuration options, please refer to the next question.

How to configure Judo Shiai for a specific kind of competition?

Open the settings screen and change the following settings as desired:

  • fight duration
  • rules and penalties (Shido, Hansoku Make)
  • scoring on osaekomi
  • Golden Score

Can you use the new IJF Refereeing Rules with Judo Shiai?

Judo Shiai includes the latest IJF Refereeing Rules. It is still possible to use the old rules as an option.

How to edit the name and color of the fighters?

Tap on the name of a fighter to edit the name. Open the settings screen and tap Left or Right Fighter Color to assign the belt or judogi colors (white, blue, or red).

How to change the scores?

When a fight is in progress, tap a score to increment it. You can also swipe up to increase the score and swipe down to decrease it.

How to display and change team scores?

Open the settings screen and tap Display Team Scores. The score of each team is then displayed below the name of the team. To change a team score, tap the score and assign the points you want.

How to give penalties?

When a fight is in progress, tap on a penalty card to add or remove a Shido. Tap the last card to directly assign Hansoku Make.
The score is automatically adjusted according to the selected rules. Open the settings screen and tap Rules to select the rules to use.